Ukraine War Boosts Kansas City Bottom Line

This morning we start with a practical thought that hopes to share a bit of perspective and possibly joy amid yet another "dark winter" under President Biden. 

To wit . . . 


Consider . . .

Throughout the metro and the region Kansas City proudly hosts denizens of the dreaded "military industrial complex" who provide jobs a constant flow of cash. 

From manufacturing to consulting and logistics . . . This town plays an active role in maintaining the U.S. war machine. 

Also . . .

Let's not forget that the federal government is the single-largest employer in Kansas City. 

War in Ukraine is now a bi-partisan effort and represents the new forefront of American policy. Throughout every branch of government . . . Workers are part of this agenda. 

Kansas City remains a Democratic Party stronghold and seems to be the leader of an emerging faction: 

Pro-War Progressives. 

Sure, that ideology doesn't really make sense but nobody has bothered to explain it beyond some cool social media solidarity posts. 

Nevertheless . . . 

As the war in Eastern Europe continues to escalate . . . What we can't do is deny the complicity of our leadership AND residents in contributing to the deadly fighting. I don't remember voting for it but Kansas City is now part of the proxy war in Ukraine for better, worse and no matter what Hell our leaders hath wrought.

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