Twitter Trolls Mock Motherhood Skillz Of Brittany Mahomes

The Internets remains a cruel place and not even the sanctity of motherhood can avoid the vengeful rather of online haterz.

Here's a recent example and just a hint of class-warfare as the American economy endures increasing hardship . . .

"Recently she made a tweet expressing the relief one gets after taking a nap when their best friends come by to look after the kids. “Best friends that will come over and watch your kids and tell you to take a nap are just a blessing,” she wrote. Well, this took no time to catch the attention of fans, who went on to troll her."

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"We Know You Have a Nanny": Now a Mother of Two, Brittany Mahomes Trolled Once Again After She Posts a Harmless Tweet

Brittany Mahomes happens to be an active member on social media, influencing her followers on a daily basis. For the last couple of days, she has been sharing her experience being a mother of a newborn and getting help from her nearest ones.