Too Late To Save Country Club Plaza?!?!

The Internet and American societal shifts threaten Kansas City's most iconic entertainment district.

Also . . . It didn't help that Mayor Q joined protesters during a riot and shouted slogans with the mob.

What's the answer to help keep The Plaza alive?!?

Don't worry . . . Keyboard warriors don't have a clue other than bombastic comments that alienate friends & family over the holidays.

Meanwhile . . .

We're hopeful that stakeholders and biz can come come up with some decent ideas or at least push back against politicos catering to mobs of looters, arsonists and aging hipsters who should've stopped listening to Rage Against the Machine back in the 90s. 

Here's a peek at a new effort that hopes to undue so much damage caused by activists and elected officials who targeted this locale because of old school mini-Eurotrash architecture designed by some rich, dead, racist white guy . . .

"The Plaza faces challenges in terms of current trends in commercial real estate, aging infrastructure, safety and security concerns, and a legacy of exclusion and racism. It is time for a fresh start that includes new concepts for entertainment and placemaking as well as a welcoming, safe, and vibrant atmosphere."

Read more via link . . .

Plaza Area Council

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