TKC Reader Asks: Kansas City Running Out Of Cash For Big Ticket Schemes?!?

Consider . . .

Unlike the feds  . . . KC can't yet print our own money and it looks like crypto & Trump NFTs might not be a great alternative.

Here are words of wisdom and more info . . .

Can we talk about the timing of a new airport terminal and a new convention center hotel, just as demand was ready to plummet?

Are these big projects really nothing more than construction job creators?

And now, there's actually an effort to build an unnecessary new downtown baseball stadium?

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Could Slumping US Air Travel Demand Be A Sign Consumers Are Tapped Out?

Delta Air Lines Inc. was one of the latest carriers to warn about slumping travel demand. Several other carriers have also voiced similar concerns. "The December month was the off-trend month," Delta President Glen Hauenstein told analysts and investors on Wednesday at an event in New York.