Survey Seyz Prairie Village Better Than Cali

Home buyers would rather grab an embattled parcel of land in Prairie Village than live the dream in a Cali beach town.

That's a bold statement but "the science" seems to back it up . . . IF you believe an Internets real estate website.

It's our right to remain skeptical here at TKC given that living off a pleasantly plump & independently wealthy white woman in a smallish "Perfect Village" ranch house has always been our dream retirement plan. And given that progressives are attempting to make it more plausible for your favorite Westside scumbag to move in next door . . . The dream persists. 

Nevertheless . . . Check the deets .  ..

"An upscale suburban community just minutes from downtown Kansas City, Prairie Village was pushed to the top of Zillow’s popularity rankings with site-leading views of for-sale listings per day. Established on the Kansas-Missouri state line and featuring a number of activity-filled parks, posh shops and restaurants, Prairie Village was also tops on Zillow’s popularity rankings for small towns. The typical home in Prairie Village is valued at $416,187, much higher than Kansas City metro’s $294,164."

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Prairie Village, KS was Zillow's Most Popular City in 2022

Kansas' Prairie Village is Zillow's most popular city of 2022, representing rising interest in the Midwest and heading a dramatic reversal from 2021's West Coast-centric leaders. The post Prairie Village, KS was Zillow's Most Popular City in 2022 appeared first on Zillow Research.