STL Politicos Advocate Return To State Police Control Amid Deadly Crime Wave

Homicides in STL have spiked to EPIC proportions. 

The smallish city now ranks as one of the deadliest places in all of the nation and "local control" of police has only worsened their plight. 

TKC aside . . . 

Whilst this blog contends that KC doesn't have anything to learn from STL. The aftermath of so-called "local control" might prove instructive after all.

Check-it . . .

Four sponsors so far have filed bills for the upcoming January session targeting local control: Rep. Bennie Cook, R-Houston; Rep. Justin Sparks, R-Wildwood; Rep. Jeff Myers, R-Warrenton; and Rep. Chad Perkins, R-Bowling Green. While the details in each bill vary, they all include language calling for transferring control of the St. Louis police to the state.

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State lawmakers reveal new push to rescind local control of St. Louis police

"Crime has been a problem in St. Louis for awhile, and legislators are starting to take note of that," said Jay Schroeder of St. Louis Police Officers Association. ST. LOUIS - Missouri lawmakers on Thursday filed a series of bills that would rescind local control of the city of St.