Steamboat Arabia Stays Losing

Newsflash . . . Nobody wants a Kansas City museum because people aren't THAT interested in outdated modes of transportation and history . . . Sorry, but that's just the reality of the mobile phone era and might also explain why bike lanes are abandoned when the temperatures drops under 50 degrees.

Check-it . . .

The museum owner said the St. Charles officials wanted to build a smaller museum than originally envisioned.

“I asked, ‘How can you put the collection into a smaller museum?’ ” Hawley said. “They said, ‘We’ll fill the museum with what we need and sell the rest.’

“I said, ‘We could have sold the collection if we wanted to. We won’t be coming to St. Charles.’

“I’m sad, because it could have been the perfect place.”

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Steamboat Arabia Museum Scuttles St. Charles Deal, Still Seeks New Port

A plan to ship the Steamboat Arabia Museum downriver to St. Charles has run aground, scuttled by a change in course by officials there, according to David Hawley, the owner of the popular City Market attraction. Hawley had signed a letter of intent with St. Charles officials in May.