South Side Advocate Bemoans EPIC Salary Of Administrators Presiding Over Hickman Mills

Actually, a quick look at the DESE website reveal that the super's salary is listed as $239,348 for 2022. But that's nothing to sneeze at.

Check the argument . . .

"The superintendent currently has a base salary of $251,000+. That doesn’t include any “perks” such insurance, annuities, travel expenses, etc. for overseeing a district with just over 5,000 kids (according to DESE, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). For that, his salary is almost $100,000 more than our previous police chief was making; and with the increased tax levy (money coming out of the community’s pockets), the superintendent will also be receiving a substantial increase. Must be nice."

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South Kansas City Advocates: Your Tax Dollars At Work