South Kansas City Confronts Growing Homeless Population

This is one of the best year-end stories we've read in quite some time. 

It's easy to rebuke or even joke the homeless but we admire writers who can approach the topic with dignity and earnest efforts to provide insight into topics that have been debated for years.

Here's a glimpse at SOME REALLY GREAT KANSAS CITY JOURNALISM that deserves a glimpse:

According to the Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness, there are 1,798 unhoused individuals in Kansas City on any given night.

I walked, sat and stood with a few members of the tight-knit unhoused community in south Kansas City to look beyond the signs and hear their voices, even their laughter. Jeremy, Stephen, Rob and Clint are their names. Here are some of their stories:

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Unhoused in south Kansas City: Human behind the sign

"Cold, hungry, homeless...please help." Night and day, and in sunshine, rain or snow, we notice the cardboard signs but rarely look at the faces, know the names, and hear the stories of the people behind the pleas for help. Who is holding that ragged sign? What is their story?