Sneak Peek: Here's How Kansas City Will Ruin Crown Center

To be fair . . .

Crown Center has been on a downward slide since TKC was loitering around the place in the late 80s. 

Once the jewel of a thriving media empire . . . That same company has had a hard time navigating the future AND makes more cash producing campy cable TV movies than sending cheesy cards.

Spoiler Alert . . . The guy in the flannel shirt will ALWAYS win the heart of the white women dating a cold & callous suit who doesn't think the holidays season is important.

Also . . . Hosting a place for hobos to keep warm next to the last remaining retail shoppers has its challenges that are tougher to navigate amid the current culture war climate.

In the meantime. Take a peek at the plan . . .

The property surrounding Blue KC’s current headquarters — east of Union Station at 2301 Main St. — has captured the imaginations of local planners for more than a decade. The possibilities potentially in play include new apartments along Kansas City’s streetcar line, more offices near Crown Center and maybe even a “land swap” reimagination of nearby Washington Square Park.

“It’s a great opportunity for a company, or multiple companies, to come in or a master developer to rethink how that works (for what) could be really a multifaceted campus,” said Katherine Carttar, executive director of Urban Land Institute Kansas City and former economic development director of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas.

Heads up . . . 

That's Mayor Q's wife making the bold plans, so they're probably more solid than they typical developer hype. 

Read more via link to a somewhat worthy paywall report . . .

Blue KC's headquarters move could trigger big repurposing near Crown Center - Kansas City Business Journal

The insurer's relocation to a new tower in the Downtown Loop could help turn a massive reimagination into reality for the area around its soon-to-be former office and parking lot. After Blue KC moves into the 1400KC building, its property near Crown Center could trigger a significant repurposing of the property and nearby Washington Square Park.