Show-Me Survey Seyz High Crime Hurts Kansas City Biz

Data along with anecdotal evidence reveal a great deal of concern regarding the economic impact of rising crime.

Check the data and more insight into how the biz world reacts to a deadly & longstanding problem:

“Our business leaders across the state, more than 70% say that crime is hurting Missouri’s economy,” Missouri Chamber of Commerce President Dan Mehan said. “Nearly 80% said yes, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce should get involved in this issue.”

“Some of these businesses downtown, St. Louis or Kansas City, some of where these businesses are, what are they going to do?” Gov. Mike Parson said at the Transition Center of Kansas City Monday afternoon. “They are going to go to the outskirts. They will move outside and try to run away from the problem.”

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Crime negatively affecting Missouri businesses

According to the Chamber of Commerce's "Safer Missouri, Stronger Missouri," Missouri has the fourth-highest rate of gun deaths in the country. Employers around the state have warned the Chamber of Commerce something has to be done to grow the workforce and investments.