Show-Me More Hateration Arguing Against Senator Hawley

For the most part we're sharing this screed of complaints against the Senator because it's somewhat interesting and offers a view from STL progressive as they attempt to remain relevant.

The polemic is mostly biased ranting . . . HOWEVER . . . This passage was better than the rest:

"As senator, Hawley has been prone to cheap talk about raising the minimum wage for employees of billion-dollar companies, nestled in the security blanket of knowing it will never happen for a variety of reasons. But Hawley opposed a minimum wage hike when it mattered. Full stop."

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Hartmann: Josh Hawley's Epic Fraud

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is proving that he has been paying close attention to the hustle of the greatest con artist of all time. That, of course, would be Donald Trump, the worst president in the nation's history - but also its most accomplished fraudster.