Show-Me 'Extremist Ideological Agenda' Alleged Against Missouri Gun Laws

Anti-gun rhetoric targets Missouri . . . Check the latest salvo and money quote . . .

Giffords Law Center Local Policy Director Allison Anderman called the state legislature gun extremists, saying they’re pushing their own ‘ideological agenda’ while Missourians are paying the price.

“When Missouri repealed its law requiring someone to have a permit to purchase a firearm, it’s gun homicide and suicide rate increased substantially.”

HOWEVER . . . 

This stat isn't completely accurate as the rate of killing in Missouri actually tracks more closely to social justice protest following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and ensuing nationwide violent protest & rioting/uprising.

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Safety expert says Missouri has some of worst gun laws in nation

SAN FRANCISCO - Giffords Law Center Local Policy Director Allison Anderman says Missouri has the fourth weakest gun laws in the nation, and Kansas is not much better, at number six. Anderman said Missouri has steadily weakened its gun laws over the past couple of years.