Senator Hawley Fights Prez Biden's 'Ministry Of Propaganda' Alleged Secret Meetings

Online censorship is back up for debate and not just on Twitter . . .

Here's a local connection to ALLEGEDLY ongoing White House efforts . . .

(Missouri Senator) Hawley announced this week that new documents he has obtained “show that, despite DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s testimony in May that the board hadn’t met, the Disinformation Governance Board Steering Group had begun meeting on a weekly basis as early as February 2022 and already had operational authorities.”

Hawley said the board also had already been in discussions with “liberal dark money groups” about how it could monitor and censor Americans’ online speech.

“What we’ve learned is that they lied to us,” Hawley told The Heartlander. “This administration lied to us over and over again. They said the Disinformation Board never actually met. Not true. They were meeting. Their executive committee was meeting last year, and earlier this year they met for weeks on end. They met every single week, as a matter of fact. They gave directions to other members of the government. They tried to set up a meeting with the Big Tech companies, with Twitter and with Facebook. They were coordinating with liberal dark money groups.

“And this is really astounding: You’ve got these activist, liberal dark money groups that spend hundreds of millions on left-wing causes sending policy memos to the Disinformation Board saying, ‘This is what you ought to do.’

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Apple and Biden are both out to censor speech in the United States and China, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley warns

The Biden administration and Apple Inc. have been caught in alarming and elaborate schemes to censor speech here and abroad, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley says.