Rigby Recycles Kansas City Disney Tribute

We could debate all day about the fascist tendencies of Mickey Mouse

What we know for sure is that he was a union busting tyrant.

Still . . .

That won't stop Kansas City's FAVORITE DEVELOPER Butch Rigby from pursing a dream that he has chased since before we started blogging . . . Check-it . . .

"The Missouri Development Finance Board later this month could vote on a $500,000 state tax credit application submitted by Thank You Walt Disney Inc., which next year hopes to begin an approximately $7 million rehabilitation of the historic Laugh-O-Gram Building at 1127 E. 31st St., just off Troost. The board heard an informational presentation on the project this week, after the city applied for the tax credits on the volunteer group's behalf in November."

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Thank You Walt Disney targets 2023 start on lLaugh-O-Gram Building restoration - Kansas City Business Journal

Walt Disney's former Laugh-O-Gram Building along the Troost Avenue corridor for years has been slated to be remade with a digital learning training facility, interactive museum and coworking space, among other uses. Pending a recent bid for state tax credits, the approximately $7 million effort could begin in earnest next fall.