Protesters Push Back Against BPU

Per ushe . . . A great deal of this is nothing more than political theater . . .

However, this passage about confused & confusing fee structure has broader implications and might actually offer a legit concern in terms of consumer advocacy. 

Sadly . . . Because it's the Dotte . . . Social justice activists are missing the bigger picture . . .

Protesters want the budget’s approval delayed until their concerns are addressed.

Utility bills contain too many other taxes and fees from the Unified Government, the protesters said, making it impossible for people to stay in good graces by paying only what they owed for electricity or water.

Instead, the whole bill – including taxes and fees — will be due. And if they are unable to afford the entire bill, they risk disconnection and having no water or electricity.

Issues with the BPU are woven into a range of concerns about local governance.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of voters approving the Unified Government model, merging the city and county.

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Activists Challenge Unified Government/BPU Policies, Fearing Utility Cutoffs

A cold Kansas wind nearly ripped the protest poster boards from his grip. But Mack DePriest was determined to keep them aloft outside the offices of the Unified Government in Wyandotte County. "If you're out here today, it's serious," DePriest said, noting the bitter temperature and nodding to the small crowd that gathered last Friday to protest a variety of grievances.