Professional Latinos Confront Challenges As Community Grows: Cabrera Flexes On Crispin

Here's a quick bit of insight for our gringo readers who don't know much of anything about their Latino neighbors.

First and foremost . . .

Local conservatives mistakenly believe that a largely Mexican-American community will support a Cuban-American or that because they're friends with some people with Cuban heritage that they can play one community against the next.

Nice try. 

That might work in Florida . . . But in Kansas City the overwhelming majority of the population AND the political establishment is, in fact, Mexican-American.

The community skews liberal with a few notable exceptions. 

For the most part they don't care about supporting their ethnic kin for elected office. 

And . . . 

There's a large concentration of Mexican-Americans in the 4th District, 3rd District and the new Northland 1st District. 

These are just the basics . . . Just to give a taste of what most of the political experts in KC don't know.

Meanwhile . . . And to be fair . . .

Conservatives are touting some Cuban lady against front-runner Crispin Rea. Here's the punchline . . . It might work. 


Because Kansas City voters are "low-info" and turnout will be minimal in the upcoming election.

And so . . . Crispin might be "swagger jacked" (heh) by some lady with very little experience, skill or anything but a better sounding last name and a story that really belongs to her parents.

Therein lies the problem with cultivating a "career" as a professional Latino. 

Here at TKC . . . This blog is better known for snark, gossip, news links, fart jokes and troll readers than our Texas/Mexican heritage. 

That being said . . . Our demographic lineage as a Westside scumbag is a point of pride now that THEY want to turn downtown into a glorified shopping mall.  

But I digress . . . 

We'll talk about this more but for now here's the background on a lady who is nearly as cute as Crispin and will provide right-wingers with a valid alternative as they submit to identity politics every bit as much as their progressive counterparts . .  .

"Cabrera fled communist Cuba with her parents when she was a child to escape the torturous Fidel Castro regime. Now, running for Kansas City’s 4th City Council District to replace term-limited Kathryn Shields, she’s afraid the antagonistic nature of politics and the news media is taking America to a place of no return."

Read more via link . . .

Cuban immigrant Grace Cabrera, warning of slide into socialism, is running for KC's 4th City Council District

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cuban immigrant Grace Cabrera is running for KC City Council with a focus on safety and law enforcement, fearing the United States is moving toward what her family left behind 23 years ago. Cabrera fled communist Cuba with her parents when she was a child to escape the torturous Fidel Castro regime.