People Of Johnson County Are Lazy Bums?!?!

That doesn't seem right to me . . . 

However . . . The "relaxed' publishing schedule of a local suburban blog doesn't inspire much confidence.

Sure, a rest is well deserved . . . But, then again, their pricey and much celebrated subscription model seemingly doesn't buy as much as it used to anymore.

I guess inflation is taking its toll . . . Even in the Golden Ghetto.

Accordingly . . .

We respect this transparent and honest admission and we know the rest will help them come back looking even better than hottie CharMac so that they can bully their least favorite JoCo politicos.

Read more via link . . .

Why the Shawnee Mission Post is taking Christmas week off

The Post staff wishes our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We're taking the rest of 2022 off from publishing new stories and will return with fresh headlines on Tuesday, Jan. 3. We want to give our staff a break We think it's important to build a sustainable and rewarding work culture at the Post.