Patrick Mahomes Without Weakness???


Maybe not. 

Sorry . . . Our knee-jerk insights are too cruel to share. 

What we can say with confidence is that Patrick Mahomes is certainly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL but he has NEVER been unbeatable. 

Constant pressure and keeping him off the field have always been the key to overpowering the Chiefs.

Like it or not . . . Without Tyreek Hill . . . Mahomes is simply less dangerous.

Here's a more detailed perspective . . .

"Mahomes does not have any absolute weaknesses, only relative weaknesses. The biggest this year is probably against pass pressure. With no pressure, Mahomes leads the NFL with an 86.6 QBR, and Jalen Hurts is the only other quarterback over 80. But with pass pressure, Mahomes is sixth in QBR at 48.1."

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