Newsflash: Kansas City Short-Term Rentals Are Basically Unregulated

Thanks to local news & local government for telling locals something that they've known for at least three years.

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The report called Kansas City's short-term rental regulations "ineffective and inefficient."

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Kansas City requires short term rentals to be licensed. A new study found over 90% aren't

A new Kansas City report called the city's regulation of short-term rentals "ineffective and inefficient" - to the point where only 7% of them actually comply with city law. The audit released Thursday confirms the frustrations of many Kansas City residents in recent months: that a majority of short-term rentals are skirting city regulations.

Kansas City's illegal short-term problem lost city $1M between 2018-2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Short-term rentals are gaining popularity in Kansas City, but most of them aren't legal. That's coming from a new city audit released Thursday that states only 11% of current short-term rentals have the necessary permits. "Unfortunately, [short-term rentals] did start small overall, and they've proliferated in the last few years," said Kate Barsotti.

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