Newsflash: Kansas City Bike Lanes Rebuked As Confusing & Dangerous

A theory . . .

Maybe middle-class white people want to save the planet and are willing to risk a horrible crash & showing up stinky everywhere to do it . . . OR, it MIGHT be a quick & easy way to cultivate a persecution complex amid a culture that celebrates victimization.

Figure that one out and let me know . . .

In the meantime, here's another complaint highlighted by the newspaper with more than enough blame to go around for everybody:

"I see ample reason for encouraging the sensible construction and use of bike lanes in the city. However, I have disquieting safety concerns about the current approach to the project. Kansas City has not been inclined to discuss it with people who ride bicycles on a regular basis, leading to what many of us see as a waste of monetary resources and time, as well as an affront to safety."

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The logic behind Kansas City's bike lanes is a mystery to the cyclists who use them

OPINION AND COMMENTARY As a very active member of the Kansas City bicycling community, I read with interest Natalie Wallington's Nov. 29 front-page story about commuting without an automobile in our city. We longtime cyclists are acutely aware of the city's perplexing installation and maintenance of bike lanes.