Meth Town Motel Gunfire Erupts Overnight: Police Shoot Suspect Who Nearly Checks Out

Brief aside . . .

Sleazy motels are a weakness of TKC that I had to give up curtail years ago . . . They're great for turning off your phone and getting A LOT of work done but, in addition to the recent outbreak of bedbugs, the cast of characters around these local dumps are often dangerous . . . Also, the po-po are always lurking around looking to take scumbags to jail and that makes me nervous given that your 2nd favorite blogger often "looks the part" when slumming or during random stops at QT. 

Accordingly, here's a peek at a nearly deadly incident overnight . . .

The officer conducted a check of an occupied vehicle in the parking lot. As the officer exited the patrol vehicle, a person emerged from the car with a handgun. That's when the officer fired their weapon, striking the suspect.

The injured person was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The officer who fired the weapon was not injured.

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Suspect shot, injured by Independence police officer at Independence motel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Independence police officer was involved with a shooting early this morning near a motel in the 15000 block of E. US 40 Highway. Police say the officer was conducting proactive patrol at the Executive Inn and Suites motel about midnight when the shooting occurred.