Martin City Coffee Kaput BUT Promises Triumphant Return

Posted only because a couple of you asked AND we believe the the holidays are the one time of year when barista talents deserve to be recognized.

A snippet . . .

In a statement, the owners of Martin City Coffee said they made the “difficult decision” to close for financial and personal reasons, including the stress of having multiple businesses.

“The cost of goods, food ingredients, services, and higher wages has increased exponentially,” said Penny Romero and Rick Ramsey. “The grief of closing has been weighing heavily on us. So many human connections made, the personal growth, the sacrifices made.”

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Kansas City coffee shop will close. But its longtime manager will open one next door

Martin City Coffee is closing after just four years in south Kansas City. The freestanding location at 13115 Holmes Road opened in October 2018 and is scheduled to close Dec. 31. A taqueria could take its place.