Local Conservative Activists Vanquish Trans Book At School Library!!!

A glimpse at right-wing online activism and the ongoing war against reading material. 

Our hot take . . .

As always . . . The danger the books present to youngsters is minimal and even this picture book is not only tame but also likely harmless for a youngster with solid support system and loving parents.  

What's worse is that the message sent here is one of intolerance and a willingness to use politically charged rhetoric to impact an entire community . . . From either partisan perspective . . . That's not a good look. 

Reality check . . . For the moment, this reading material and so much more questionable content is still readily available on the Internets as public libraries now mostly serve as a stage for culture war slap fighting for an audience of homeless people.

Check-it . . .

At the end of the week . . .The Turner district had explained what happened and what changes will be made to prevent such a sexually provocative book being tendered to young children there again.

The district’s statement to Clay, and apparently others, says its early-childhood program began accepting once-weekly donated books last year from local nonprofit LiteracyKC. Such partnerships, the district said, help it expand resources and community outreach.

“Please be assured that these books were not a part of district curriculum, were not required reading, and were sent home to be read at the discretion of parents,” the district wrote without naming the book in question or explaining how it escaped the district’s notice.

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Cross-dressing book for pre-K students crossed the line: Kansas City school district changes book-approval system after Lion story

A school district that gave preschoolers a book on cross-dressing has changed its procedures for giving out books after news of the incident surfaced last week. As reported exclusively Wednesday by and The Heartlander news sites, a 4-year-old preschooler in the Turner School District in Kansas City, Kansas, took home the book Jacob's New Dress .