KCK Life Lesson: Students Suffer Surveillance

However . . .

Because humans are a big part of the process . . . Even our crime expert friends will begrudgingly admit that spy tech RARELY increases public safety. 

For instance . . . Cameras and audio surveillance have dominated urban streets for years whilst the homicide count continues to spiral out of control.

Here's a peek at parents pushing back against the experiment . . . 

“It wasn’t about, 'Let’s put cameras to have more surveillance of students and staff.' It was looking at what are some creative options because we absolutely have allocated dollars to adding more staff, recruiting staff, paying for staff to get certification, yet we still have a gap,” said KCKPS Superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield.

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KCKPS leaders consider cameras in classrooms for virtual learning; some concerned about privacy, trust

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools is considering cameras in classrooms, but some community members are concerned. The district says its primary focus is to make sure all students have certified and highly-qualified teachers in front of them.