KC Parade Of Hearts Part Deux Debuts

Intended to post this yesterday but it's still worth a peek . . .

What we learned . . . The market for campy artwork is bigger than we imagined and collectors and speculators have powered this event. 

Also credit savvy social media marketing for getting the plebs involved.

Check the beginning of the follow-up effort . . .

"Parade of Hearts is a public art experience that celebrates diversity, unites communities and supports nonprofits by placing beautifully designed hearts by local artists throughout the Kansas City region.

"The Parade of Hearts debuted in 2022 with 156 artist-created hearts that were on display throughout the Kansas City metro during the spring and then auctioned off to support local nonprofits."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

These iconic hearts are blank now, but a parade of artists is set to bring the KC landmarks back in 2023

"I knew it would just be kind of a long shot to get into that small group of 40," said artist Ivey Zoellers. "So I'm very, very over the moon that I was picked." Dozens of new KC Heart art pieces are set to be designed and stationed across Kansas City in the new year.