Kansas State Senator Mike Thompson Explains Facebook Blocking Amid ACLU Threats

For people who stare too much at their phone, this is a big deal.

We kinda lost interest.

However . . . 

We like the former KC weatherman's candid reply.

For those with a memory . . . Let's not forget that his effort to give up FB for Parler likely didn't work out . . . Or maybe because not even Ye has any interest in Parler

But I digress . . .

Take a peek . . .

"The Kansas Senator Mike Thompson Facebook page is my official campaign page. I use it to let you know my thoughts and views on various topics. Its sole purpose is to inform you of my stance on political issues that might affect you, and for you to use that information to make a decision on whether or not to vote for me.

"Although it was an option from the start, I have always allowed comments on my posts. I could easily have decided to block any and all people from posting comments, but I chose not to. Over the past 3 years, I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s opinion… even those that offer differing opinons….as long as they added to the discourse and were not overly offensive.
However, over the course of time, a handful of people were obvious repeat offenders. Their comments became ad hominem attacks that were obnoxious, nasty and offensive. I felt they had become enough of a distraction that I was compelled to block them from posting again. This is MY campaign page and not a platform for them to be as pernicious as they desired. So, I blocked those people. Over the course of 3 years this page has been in existence the number of people I have blocked is less than 10.

"I have very thick skin. Nothing much bothers me except allegations of illegality or wrongdoing. My family, on the other hand, does not like to see me being attacked…those nasty comments bother them…sometime it bothers them a lot. They don’t like it, and have never gotten used to it. They didn’t ask to be in the public eye, but have had to endure it nonetheless. That’s my fault."

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Kansas State Senator Mike Thompson: "Recently I was accused of illegally blocking someone who posted a comment on my Facebook page. They threatened to report me to the ACLU and the Kansas Ethics Commission."