Kansas Progressives Slam Shawnee City Council For 'Openly' Homophobic Political Games

There's one minor problem with a recent progressive screed targeting politicos . . .

There's no way for the public to respond. 

Sure, screaming into the void of social media is an option but don't expect much traction without YEARS of attention paid to cultivating an audience. 

Meanwhile, the average person is left out of the conversation. 

As for the politics of it all . . . We'll only note the facts . . . 

Shawnee, Kansas is actually a very safe and wonderful place for ALL PEOPLE to live. 

The rates of violence are incredibly low and the only deadly ruckus in the community this year was a Latino drug dealer looking for a safer place to do business.

But who cares about stats and reality when the politics are MUCH MORE interesting . . . Check-it . . .

First, LGBTQ+ Americans are at higher risk of self-harm and suicidal ideation due to challenges they must face in life. If you aren’t LGBTQ+, it’s difficult for me to explain the pain and fear that many of us face when we need to come out, or simply exist in our society not knowing what type of hateful behavior we’ll run into. It seems that many in our country (the majority of the Shawnee City Council included) cannot simply allow people to live their best lives.

Council members seem to think that law enforcement officials doing their job and sharing about it on social media is “bad optics.”

I think I can see what’s really going on: This is a political game to them. To me, this is real life. Their decision to be willingly and openly homophobic and transphobic puts others in harm’s way.

We need to ask ourselves why governing bodies such as the Shawnee City Council stick out like a sore thumb. Their neighbors do not seem to have these issues. Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, even the current governing body for the city of Olathe don’t talk about the LGBTQ+ community or make the news like they do in Shawnee right now.

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Shawnee City Council members' latest antics exploit fear of LGBTQ+ Kansans - Kansas Reflector

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