Kansas NextGen Luvs Guv Kelly?!?

By a smallish margin . . . We notice that "the science" shows us younger voters support the Kansas Democratic Party leader over her GOP opposition.

Check-it . . .

The data showed that voters under 30 did not support Democrats decisively enough to sway key races nationally, but the news wasn't all bad for the party. Midterm voters under 45 — an age bracket that includes Generation Z and millennials — backed Biden's party at rates that exceeded his 2020 support in races for governor of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Kansas, as well as the race for Senate in Pennsylvania.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly won a second term by modestly outperforming 2020 margins with voters under 45 in the red state, 52% to Biden’s 45%.

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Near record-high numbers of young people voted in the midterms, signaling a possible shift - Kansas Reflector

Voter turnout across all age groups tends to be significantly lower in midterm elections than in presidential elections. Young people, though, have historically voted at even lower rates than older adults in general. This trend has begun to change, with double-digit increases in youth turnout between 2014 and 2018 and between 2016 and 2020.

Young Voters' Enthusiasm for Democrats Waned During Midterms

WASHINGTON (AP) - Young voters who have been critical to Democratic successes in recent elections showed signs in November's midterms that their enthusiasm may be waning, a potential warning sign for a party that will need their strong backing heading into the 2024 presidential race.

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