Kansas Lesson In Gender Confusion OR Teaching Against Small Town Provincialism?!?

Here's another fun little foray into arguments amongst people who are far too concerned with each other's genitals.

Check the setup which tacitly ignores the inconvenient fact that adherence to proper grammar and punctuation are tell-tale signs of latent homosexuality . . . 

A recent story in The Sentinel highlighted an incident in an Introduction to Psychology class in which the instructor declared as “fact” that there are five genders, and students would be penalized on exams if they answered any other number.

That course content, along with concerns about a writing assignment stressing gay themes in an English Composition 101 class, were among those on the minds of nearly a dozen speakers who addressed board members on the Butler-Rose Hill program in which 10th-12th graders can earn college credit, up to an associate’s degree, in a variety of academic areas.

Pastor Deuce Stevens is with the Lighthouse Church of Rose Hill:

“My issue is when students are being told that they will not receive an A on an assignment if they do not answer a question correctly on an assignment based on a professor’s opinion. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s elementary, middle, high school, or college. They should be tested based on facts that they are learning based on verifiable data. Whether it’s math, reading, history, science, or any other subject.”

Forgive us for another aside . . .

This dear pastor seems aghast at the prospect that success in the world outside of his domain involves agreement with ideas that don't fit his worldview??? If so, ALL OF THIS sounds like an apt lesson for life outside of small town Kansas.

AND possibly a reason why rural Kansas population continues to decline to near ghost town levels in places that aren't restocked with illegal migrant workers.  

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Five genders? Residents in this Kansas school district question curriculum, content in dual credit courses

(The Sentinel) - Taxpayers in Kansas' Rose Hill USD 394 school district voiced concerns at a recent school board meeting about curriculum content in a "dual credit" course offered to the district's students at Butler Community College (BCC).