Kansas Democrats FINALLY Amid Kobach Handed Them FAIL & Plan To Do Better

We enjoy this report for quite a few reasons . . . Mostly because it admits a simple fact of life . . .

Politics is nothing more than a fight over money & popularity.

Proof of this axiom . . .

To win this election, Mann needed to flip 8,000 votes. If he had started vigorously campaigning in the spring of 2022 with the strong backing of Kansas and national Democrats, he could have won this election.

Mann could have started to raise the additional $1 million and targeted voters across Kansas to gain name recognition. He would have had the resources to release the additional three TV ads he needed in the last few weeks.

This was a missed opportunity for Democrats, not only in Kansas but in Washington, D.C., as well.

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Republicans won the Kansas AG's race on Aug. 2. Here's how Democrats failed big Nov. 8. - Kansas Reflector

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