Kansas City's Own Don Cheadle Shares Words Of Wisdom On Life, Death & Virtuosity

Just wanted to share a great find from one of TKC'S BEST & BRIGHTEST readers who shared a great profile on a Kansas City original.

Don Cheadle is one of finest actors working today and he's recently putting his acting chops to the test in a new comedy. 

Brief aside . . .

Our all-time favorite character portrayed by Mr. Cheadle was his turn as "Buck Swope" in the pr0n world EPIC movie Boogie Nights. He brought a great deal of humanity and complexity to a character desperately searching for a new look and working to start a small biz. 

Just a bit of life perspective from the Hollywood star . . .

All the worrying you do doesn’t change anything’ .. Don Cheadle earlier this year.

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'You are going to die. You can be terrified, or you can live': Don Cheadle on mortality, White Noise and that cockney accent

s Don Cheadle a cold fish or a cool customer? It isn't clear at first. The 58-year-old actor, who has been celebrated (he received an Oscar nomination in 2005 for Hotel Rwanda) and mocked (for his mangled cockney accent in Ocean's Eleven and its sequels), has asked in advance for the cameras to be off during our video call.