Kansas City Star Readers HATE Privacy?!?

Any good "letter to the editor" section is filled with crackpot ideas from people with far too much time on their hands.

Here's one more example from dead tree media . . .

"Dealing with lone killers would require America to tackle the very tough issue of privacy. In the past 60 years, civil libertarians have invented an impenetrable bubble of privacy around everyone. This makes it difficult or impossible for employers, law enforcement and school officials to do anything before a mass shooting takes place."

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Guns don't cause homicides. The real problem is everyone's bubble of personal privacy

OPINION AND COMMENTARY The "guns cause killings" idea is bogus. (Dec. 1, 8A, " Guns, not mental health issues, cause US mass shootings ") There are more guns than people in America. If guns cause violence, then the annual homicide rate should be more than 1 million killed, with hundreds of thousands wounded.