Kansas City Star Claps Back Against Twitter Honcho Elon Musk's Newspaper Criticism

Editorializing all the way around . . . Because, like it or not, people would rather read slap fighting than news.

Another example . . .

"Twitter induces a strange sort of brain rot: The more time you spend on it, the more important it seems than it really is. Part of that reality distortion effect is that as the most time-based of the major social media networks, it has been the platform of choice for politicians, journalists and many celebrities for several years (though that may be changing as Musk is reinstating nazis, abusers and other miscreants who earned their banishment under previous ownership)."

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No, Elon Musk: Newspapers don't just copy the internet. They're democracy's backbone

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Elon Musk might know about a lot of things - electric cars, space flight, digging tunnels. But Twitter's increasingly erratic new owner keeps proving time and again that he's shockingly ignorant when it comes to journalism.