Kansas City Searches For Solution To Worsening Roadside Trash Crisis

Trash along local streets reached epidemic proportions over the course of the pandemic.

However, there's more interesting and a few new ideas to help clean the mess. 

Check TV news hoping to encourage new plans . . .

"The Missouri Department of Transportation blames staffing shortages during and after the pandemic. The state has now hired an outside contractor to pick up trash.

"We believe more must be done. We call on the city and state to require better clean up after vehicle crashes, and better enforcement of laws that require motorists to tie-down loads so nothing falls out of the back of vehicles. Motorists who litter need to be ticketed too. "

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Dec. 2, 2022 Editorial: Trash along Kansas City roads, highways

Furniture, tires, and mountains of trash, that's the view while driving many Kansas City-area roadways.It's hard to miss the mess on the sides of highways. We all take great pride in our community, but it sure doesn't appear that way.