Kansas City Right-Wing Website Rages Over Children's Mercy 'Gender-Affirming' Care

Outrage over the lifestyles of other families is a favorite pastime for middle-class white people. 

For most of this year . . . Online right-wing trolls have been slap fighting with transgender activists in a war for attention and online sponsorship.

Don't worry . . . Most of what they say doesn't really impact MOST people and instead sets up a hypothetical game of cat & mouse in the minds of the gullible.

Accordingly . . . We notice a local blog that's a bit late to the party but offers a local angle focused on a medical facility that's well regarded by most . . .

"The hospital’s website proudly advertises children and adolescents may receive what it calls “gender affirming” care, including diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations for gender dysphoria; puberty-blocking and gender-affirming hormones; psychiatric medications; assistance with menstrual suppression; gender-affirming support from a board-certified chaplain; and gender-affirming voice coaching referrals, all through its “Gender Pathway Services” team."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Children's Mercy Kansas City hospital offers 'gender-affirming' care, apparently to children as young as 2

Children's Mercy Kansas City hospital has been offering transitioning treatments to "gender questioning" children and adolescents, perhaps even to those as young as 2. Simultaneously, its standards of care warn against trying to "convert" a child to his or her birth gender.