Kansas City Politricks: Donation Funded News Fights Future

Bright side . . .

Elon Musk recently reinstated the Twitter accounts of newsies after his conservative pals didn't provide necessary backup. 

And the Facebook threat of banning news is just a flex.

However . . .

It's more important that Facebook, Google & Meta control more than 50% of all digital advertising revue . . .

What does that mean???

Your favorite newspaper is probably not really a business but just another non-profit begging for donations like anybody else. Don't get me wrong . . . That donation money is WELL SPENT if it gave you a "warm fuzzy" and a sense of meaning for your earnings. 

But a dearth of resources has always been our problem with donation-based journalism . . . Donation-based support is simply far too vulnerable to partisan bias and often LACKS ANY REAL OBJECTIVITY THAT'S CRITICAL TO THE MISSION OF ANY "NEWS" ORGANIZATION WORTHY OF THE NAME

For most . . . It's just too hard or even unwise to challenge large donors. 

Moreover . . . People tend only to donate money to news sources with which they agree. 

For instance . . . There probably aren't very many NPR tote bags in the houses of most Fox News watchers. 

Don't worry, I don't have an answer to any of this, I just wanted to provide context to headlines that are brought to us by viewers like you and partisan funders . . . The future kings of the news game . . .

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Developing . . .