Kansas City Politricks: Biz As Usual, Worsening Culture War & Lower Expectations

Hottie Jordan inspires a double take at local "reporting" that's politically charged and mostly serves to support one agenda or another . . .

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Community Cash Aftertaste . . .

How investments in Black businesses can help close KC's racial wealth gap * Missouri Independent

When Denisha Jones launched her business, Sweet Peaches Cobblers, in August 2020, it was just her, her husband and her mom in a community kitchen - taking orders, making the cobblers and doing deliveries. Now she has a team of individuals helping her sell cobblers in stores and at events and festivals across the country, including the Kansas City BBQ Festival.

Old School Rules 

Legislative veterans to lead both parties in Kansas House

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas House Republicans on Monday promoted their No. 2 leader into the top job of speaker, while Democrats picked a veteran of state and local politics to lead them over a much younger relative newcomer. State Rep. Dan Hawkins, of Wichita, faced no opposition among the 85 GOP House members and members-elect to his promotion.

Life Fight In Kansas Cont'd

Ahead of the Kansas legislative session, abortion rights once again under discussion - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Kansas Republicans haven't discussed new abortion legislation yet, but they do plan to address the subject when the legislative session starts in January. During Tuesday's GOP caucus meeting to nominate new House of Representatives leadership, House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins said he hadn't had any discussions about a potential 15-week abortion ban that some anti-abortion activist groups have been advocating ahead of the legislative session.

Teachable Moments In Kansas

Kansas community colleges reaching a crossroads

If Joe Blake had followed family tradition, he'd have headed for the University of Kansas straight out of high school. His parents are KU graduates and his older brother and sister enrolled there as freshmen.

Suburban Life Lessons Needed

Eric Schmitt backed off COVID lawsuits, but Lee's Summit schools want answers about his authority

Even though Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt backed off months ago from his lawsuits seeking to prevent schools from enforcing COVID-19 safety measures, one Kansas City-area school district is forging ahead, testing how much power Schmitt's office can exercise in health emergencies.

Facebook Politics Forever

Anti-vaxxers seek to intervene in Missouri AG Eric Schmitt's social media lawsuit * Missouri Independent

A quartet of vaccine skeptics that have each been accused for years of spreading medical misinformation is asking a judge to allow them to join Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt's lawsuit that alleges the federal government colluded with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech. Robert F.

Hard Times Persist Despite Political Promises

Here's a list of resources for people with unstable housing in Kansas City

Last winter, social service workers identified at least 711 people in Kansas City staying in shelters or without a means of shelter on a single day. That number is known as the point-in-time count, but the actual number of people who are unhoused is thought to be much higher, with individuals and families transitioning in and out of situations.

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