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Cowtown Quick Sick

Kansas City sees earliest peak for flu cases in 5 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Anecdotally, flu shot effectiveness appears to be holding strong. Still, there's a long way to go until the end of influenza season. For the moment, Kansas City health officials are still concerned with sky-high case counts coupled with a larger-than-typical number of hospital visits for the flu in the metro.

Dreaming Of Toy Trains

See what Kansas City's riverfront will resemble when KC Streetcar arrives

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC Streetcar shows off what it has planned for Kansas City's riverfront. Ahead of a public meeting planned for Thursday evening, KC Streetcar released several renderings showing what the new extension is expected to look like.

Local Complaint Tactics Exposed

Landlord ignoring your complaint? Here's how to get your apartment fixed.

As temperatures dip in the winter months, safe homes become all the more critical.

Hipsters Share Foodie Haunts

New ghost kitchen opens in Kansas City's Crossroads

A new ghost kitchen is bringing more dining options to Kansas City's Crossroads Arts District. Crossroads Food Stop opened in October at 1600 Campbell St. and now lists eight local eateries on its website, including three with existing brick-and-mortar restaurants in the metro.

Holiday Smut Enjoyed

Keep Them Coming: All I want for Christmas is lube

Kristen Thomas. // Photo by Nicole Bissey Often one of the first subjects broached with new clients during sessions is lube use. Arousal is seen as little more than penises get hard and vaginas elongate and produce fluid. Arousal and wetness for vagina owners are culturally tied, but studies show that most vaginas don't give a damn-they get wet whenever...

Actress Shares Earnings Secret

Maitland Ward reveals what Hollywood can learn from the porn industry

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from adult film actress Maitland Ward, especially when it comes to sex scenes. At 45 years old, the former Boy Meets World star has built a successful career in the adult entertainment industry, becoming an award-winning adult film actress for Deeper, part of Vix...

Prez Games System?!?

Inside Biden's agonizing decision to take a deal that freed Brittney Griner but left Paul Whelan in Russia | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden had already personally informed Cherelle Griner that her wife was being released from Russian detention when aides arrived with more news: Brittney Griner was now securely out of Russia -- and on the telephone.

MAGA Denounces Trade

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for Biden to be impeached for Brittney Griner prisoner swap

Republican firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for President Biden to be impeached on Thursday for the prisoner swap that led to the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner from a Russian penal colony. "Another reason to impeach Biden," the Georgia lawmaker wrote in a tweet.

Dox Thwart Former Prez

Justice Department seeking to hold Trump in contempt over classified documents | CNN Politics

The Justice Department is asking a federal judge to hold Donald Trump in contempt of court for failing to comply with a subpoena issued this summer ordering the former president to turn over records marked classified, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Midterm Postscript . . . 

3 numbers that show how Raphael Warnock won the Georgia runoff

After narrowly leading Walker on Election Day, Warnock narrowly improved on his margins across the state in the runoff. He was buoyed by strong enough turnout in the Atlanta area, particularly among Black voters.

Politico Shares Financial Trouble

First Gen Z congressman-elect says he was denied DC apartment, noting 'really bad' credit

The congressman-elect who will become the first member of Generation Z to join Congress next month said on Thursday that he was denied an apartment in Washington D.C. because of his "really bad" credit. Maxwell Frost, an Uber driver who is set to take the seat of Rep.

Chief Twit Tactics Debated

The strange backstory of Twitter, Hunter Biden and Elon Musk's latest stunt

The delay offers a window into some of the challenges Musk is facing as he attempts a radical overhaul of the platform he just bought - changing not just the company's staffing and strategy, but its politics, shifting a largely progressive-leaning platform to one committed to a more libertarian vision of free speech.

Bezos Paper Bust Out

WSJ News Exclusive | Washington Post Considers Selling Tech Business It Built Up on Jeff Bezos's Watch

Top Washington Post executives recently came to owner Jeff Bezos with a proposal. The company had spent the better part of a decade turning an in-house publishing tool into a broader software business, with some success. The Post's software, known as Arc XP, now services the likes of pro basketball's Golden State Warriors and energy company BP PLC.

Royals Fight On Runway

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Are Having a Very Glamorous Fashion Duel

Meghan Markle's fashion in 'Harry & Meghan' is as carefully chosen as her words-as she and Kate Middleton end a week of sleek, smart daywear and evening razzle dazzle. And so the endless, terminal saga of the royals continues.

Diva Condition Explained

What is stiff-person syndrome, the disorder impacting Céline Dion's ability to sing?

Céline Dion revealed in an emotional and tear-filled announcement on Thursday that she had to postpone her upcoming European tour after being diagnosed with a "very rare neurological disorder": stiff-person syndrome. The debilitating illness has impacted her ability to sing and walk.

Granny Should Be Picky

I'm a hot grandma - men want to date me until they see my list of demands

AN ATTRACTIVE older woman has shared her list of demands for what she deserves when dating and some call it high maintenance. The woman laid down her list of guidelines for being in a relationship in a popular video and some have called her out for making her standards too high at her age.

Home Team Disconnected

Royals brass and fans are not speaking the same language

"The Royals need to overhaul their pitching development department." I have said some version of this. You have said some version of this. RoyalsFan789 in the comments has said some version of this. Maybe even your uncle said some version of this at Thanksgiving.

Local L'chaim!!!

Drastic Mensches brings Hanukkah joy (and drinks) to downtown Shawnee

Drastic Mensches Gelt-Washed Negroni. // Courtesy Drastic Measures Gather your gelt, friends-Drastic Measures has entered the holiday pop-up arena. If you know anything about this Shawnee cocktail hotspot, you know they're on the forefront of drink innovation and the front lines of fighting for social justice.

Northland Checks Mailbox

Parkville Farmers Market repairs waiting on insurance payment

PARKVILLE, Mo. - Leaders in Parkville, Missouri are frustrated not only that the city's landmark Farmers Market structure was hit twice over the summer, but that repairs are delayed because the insurance payments still haven't come through six months after the second crash.

Agenda Ahead Of Holidays

15 Things To Do In KC This weekend, December 8-11

Here are fifteen great things to do in Kansas City this weekend, December 8-11, including Pretty Woman: The Musical, Kansas City Ballet's The Nutcracker, and The 1975 in concert. The Piano Lesson The Pulitzer winning play written by August Wilson is part of his "century cycle" play series set in the thirties.

Cowtown Clearing Up

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