Kansas City Neighbors Help With New Roof After Insurance Hot Mess

Just a bit of Sunday news and behind the scenes insight into one of the better local human interest stories we've seen as of late . . .

"He's one of those guys who everyone wishes was their neighbor. Always helping with handyman chores, doing the lawn for you, fixing whatever needs fixing, etc.. Anyway, he injured himself and has been unable to work. His roof is old and needs to be replaced but he can't afford it. Not only won't insurance cover it, they canceled him over it. So he has no fire, theft or other coverage until he gets a roof.

"Lauren Reece, a neighbor and flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, started a GoFundMe for Cedrick. They raised $5800 and then Shamrock Roofing found out about the situation and offered to donate the roof. Their inspector found damage to a chimney as well and suggested they used the GoFundMe money for that.

"It really is an amazing story that reminds us that in this f***ed-up world, there are still good neighbors like Cedrick worth helping out, neighbors like Lauren willing to make the effort, companies like Shamrock Roofing that step up, and a neighborhood in the urban core rebuilding itself the old-fashioned way with neighbors helping neighbors."

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Kansas City neighbors help homeowner get new roof

A Kansas City man is getting a brand new roof thanks to the generosity of neighbors and one roofing company. KMBC 9 found out how it all began with a neighborhood scare, and a conversation.It was a chilly Thursday in Kansas City's Blue Hills neighborhood, but hearts were warm."I think he feels super blessed and lucky," said neighbor Lauren Reece.She lives just down the street from Cedrick Walker, where peeling and pounding starting at 8 a.m.