Kansas City Journalism: Spreading Jack The Ripper Fear On Social Media For Fun & Profit

White guilt and partisan loyalty power most of this local blog screed . . .

Still . . . We remind readers that proof of a "Jack The Ripper" resurgence in Kansas City has been consistently disputed by police.

Still . . . To this day the gossip & rumors persist as local progressives & activists use that fear to their advantage in order to garner political power, donations and clicks.

To be fair, here's their side of the story . . .

"In Kansas City, where Black women and girls often go missing, according to community leaders. As a result of a strained relationship with police, community members are establishing their own networks and methods to look for missing people."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

As Black women go missing in Kansas City, Black community looks to itself for solutions

Since the ongoing problem of missing women has been in the spotlight, KCPD is using a new tracking system to show the number of missing persons, which will be submitted to the Board of Police Commissioners monthly, a spokeswoman said in an email.

But members of the community are looking for their own approaches.