Kansas City Faith Community Announces Homicide Tribute 2022

. . . In an otherwise uncaring universe. 

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Here's a tragic marker for this year as the quotient of killing continues to rise.

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The total of 160 murders is a running total as of Monday morning. That total can grow with less than three weeks remaining this year.

Kansas City, Missouri’s murders are is on pace to be one of the deadliest in metro history. The 2020 record of 179 will likely remain the worst. KCPD crime records show a large number of those homicides came from someone with a handgun.

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KC activists move 'The Longest Night' to new location, calling attention to growing gun violence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - It's been a sobering reminder of violent crime in the Kansas City area for nearly a decade. Each December, Mothers in Charge, a community anti-violence group in Kansas City, Missouri, organizes "The Longest Night." It's meant to call attention to the growing gun violence problem locally.

160 crosses placed on Independence church's yard to honor Kansas City homicide victims

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - In 2022, there have been 160 homicides in Kansas City, Missouri, and some community members are making sure those victims aren't forgotten. On Monday, Mothers in Charge and volunteers placed out crosses at the Gathering Baptist Church in Independence to honor those victims. Auana Lungren, who lost her son to gun violence this year, said she continues having trouble processing his death.

Photo gallery: Kansas City's death toll due to violence marked by more than 150 crosses in church yard

More than 150 crosses fill the yard of The Gathering Baptist Church in Independence. Each cross represents a person who died as a result of violence in Kansas City in 2022.

Church prepares for 'Longest Night' service with over 150 crosses representing KCMO homicide victims

A somber reminder is going up Monday at a church in Independence, Missouri, of families suffering in the Kansas City community.Over 150 crosses are up on the lawn of The Gathering Baptist Church on Noland Road.Each one is a small memorial for a family touched by violence over the past year.

'I lived for him,' Display of crosses honors homicide victims from Kansas City this year

Kansas City is on track for one of its deadliest years. There have been nearly 160 homicides in the metro in 2022. A local group is honoring those victims with a display of crosses in Independence.

Dozens of crosses honor victims of KC's second-deadliest year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Dozens of crosses will line the lawn of a Metro church for next month, each one honoring the life of a person killed in Kansas City this year. A pair of homicides late last week brought the total up to 159 with just under a month still to go in the year.

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