Kansas City Homeless Death Tribute Ahead Of Subzero Crisis

A glimpse at local numbers that make sense given that nearly every local intersection is crowded by people claiming to be without shelter and in desperate need of cash.

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The Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness estimates roughly 1800 people in Kansas City are homeless.

Outside City Hall in a park where some of them often spend their nights a ceremony on the longest night of the year for National Homeless Persons Memorial Day was held.

Amber Bauer read 45 names with tributes from loved ones, but says that number likely barely scratches the surface of deaths mostly due to cold and heat.

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Group marks 45 Kansas City homeless deaths in 2022, more expected as wind chill plummets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Temperatures and wind chills are expected to dip to dangerously cold levels Wednesday night, Thursday morning and remain cold throughout the weekend. Wednesday night coats, blankets, gloves and scarves were loaded up into Care Beyond the Boulevard's green bus. "The preventative things we can do is to provide extra layers of warmth.