Kansas City Holiday Boozing Threat Exposed

From our vantage, the most important part of journalism is objectivity . . . EVEN IN OPINION COLUMNS AND ADVOCACY

Accordingly, we have to offer credit where it's due . . .

Today the newspaper offers a worthwhile report on the dangers of holiday season drinking.

Check-it . . .

"People with the chronic disease of alcohol use disorder are “in special danger” during the booze-soaked holidays, says Alcoholics Anonymous. They’re trying to stay sober when everything from hot chocolate to eggnog gets spiked with alcohol. And even people who don’t normally drink indulge in binge-drinking, because ‘tis the season."

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Holidays can be stressful in recovery. Kansas Citians share sobriety stories, offer advice

She just turned down another holiday invitation the other day, this one for an end-of-the-year party at a local brewery, because sometimes when Courtney Lewis is mingling at a business function where brews and spirits are being served, the earthy, buttery, sugary aromas spark a strong physical reaction: She wants to drink.