Kansas City Doggie Crisis Obviously Demands More Attention & Taxpayer Cash

Sadly . . .

It's a local news truism that stories about animals perform far better than anything related to genuine human interest as our favorite Lampoon headline suggests.

Accordingly, check this covert local ask power by public radio pushover progressives . . .

Every kennel is full at the Great Plains SCPA. The shelter has seen a "27% increase in dog admissions compared to 2021, but an 11%, decrease in dog adoptions," according to the shelter's director of operations.

Two Kansas City-area animal shelters say their kennels are full, and in one shelter, animals are living in offices and training rooms.

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Kansas City animal shelters are in a crisis: 'We have no kennel space left'

Inflation and residual effects of the pandemic have caused an influx of pets arriving to Kansas City's animal shelters. "We have no kennel space left," said Tracy Lewandowski, director of operations at Great Plains SPCA.