Kansas City Council Lady Robinson Disturbed By 'Racial Violence' After Teacher's Slur

An "emergency" meeting following the report of an racial slur used by Kansas City teacher evoked strong feelings and nearly universal condemnation. 

3rd District Council Lady Melissa Robinson was at the forefront of the conversation and her remarks stand out most of all . . .

Here's some of what she said . . .

"At the meeting, the community gathered to discuss next steps and to come up with a set of demands to bring the school amid the allegations.“I was extremely angered and hurt," said Melissa Robinson, a KCMO councilwoman whose two children attend the school. “I am extremely disturbed that in 2022, our children would be exposed to such racial violence and the response is unconscionable."Robinson's frustration comes after a video surfaced showing the teacher using the racial slur during the discussion on Nov. 10."

From our vantage . . . There's really no defense of the teacher's remarks that have accurately been described as "stupidity" by his boss. 

Our only concern is that community leaders MIGHT be giving too much power to a low-end employee who is most likely ignored in every other facet of his professional endeavors.

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Teacher accused of using racial slur at University Academy during classroom discussion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Wednesday, a town hall was held at the Gregg/Klice Community Center in Kansas City, Missouri, after a teacher was accused of using a racial slur at University Academy during a class discussion. The town hall included parents, students and alumni within the University Academy community, along with members of civil rights groups in KCMO.

Weeks after a Kansas City teacher said the N-word on video, parents and students call for his job

Accountability and more opportunities for parent engagement are at the top of a list of demands parents are asking of University Academy, a public charter school in Kansas City, Missouri. A coalition of activist groups including the Urban League of Greater Kansas City and Black United Front Kansas City gathered with parents and students of the school Wednesday evening for a town hall to discuss racism in the school.

Town hall meeting held after University Academy teacher accused of using racial slur

Parents, students, and civil rights groups held an emergency town hall meeting Wednesday after a teacher at University Academy was accused of using a racial slur in the classroom.The racist comments were posted on an Instagram video. Students said the teacher used the word repeatedly.Wednesday's meeting was organized by the Urban League.

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