Kansas City Conservatives Consider MAGA Terminating Constitution

A social media blast has sparked more division and discord amongst our Republicans friends.

Thankfully, conservative talker Pete Mundo is helping us unpack the drama from a perspective that's more interesting than so many TV pundits clutching their pearls.

Check-it . . . 

"Trump's suspension of the constitution 'Truth' gave the media the PERFECT opportunity to seize on the Twitter Files story for what they wanted it to be: A reminder that anything that was done in 2020 was done to protect the American people from Trump, who of course they ridiculously insist is an Authoritarian.

"He had his opponents being EXPOSED and then he stepped on the rake and it whacked him in the face in a strategically inexcusable move."

Mundo goes on to reveal that he's not advocating NEVER-Trumpism and even fans of the former Prez might agree about the tactics of the social media statement.

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