Kansas City Chiefs Stay Winning In Overtime Amid Ongoing Doubts

The team continued their legacy of winning today in a game that proved to be tougher than most expected.

And here's the thing . . .


Of course the answer to that is simple . . . A win is a win. 

However . . .

As we've long argued . . . The game has changed . . . Football now plays more like basketball and fortunes change quickly. 

The NFL has actively worked to avoid "dynasty" teams and this every public talking point gives reasonable fans a motive to question the team's post-season future. 

Still . . .

The game was exciting and definitely worth the price of admission for those who watched it at home.

Here's the recap and more info . . . 

The Chiefs (11-3) had to go to overtime Sunday against a one-win opponent, but they can cross that one off the list for the seventh straight season. Jerick McKinnon's 26-yard touchdown run gave the Chiefs a 30-24 win over the Houston Texans and eliminated their last remaining rival for the division title, the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Chiefs survive Texans scare, win AFC West again

4:08 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 HOUSTON -- The Kansas City Chiefs, a franchise that in the first 55 years of its existence never won so much as back-to-back division titles, clinched their seventh consecutive AFC West championship Sunday by beating the Houston Texans 30-24 in overtime.

Final score: Jerick McKinnon's touchdown ices Chiefs' 30-24 overtime win over Texans

Oddsmakers were giving the 10-3 Kansas City Chiefs an advantage of more than two touchdowns as they walked into NRG Stadium for their Week 15 game against the 1-11-1 Houston Texans. The Chiefs guaranteed a playoff berth and their seventh consecutive AFC West championship with a 30-24 victory - but the home team was determined to make things difficult for Kansas City.

Chiefs clinch seventh straight AFC West title, eighth consecutive playoff berth with OT win over Texans

Prior to the 2022 season, a cavalcade of all-star players joined the AFC West looking to change things up. On Sunday, however, it was reaffirmed that the division still belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs as they defeated the Houston Texans 30-24 in overtime to clinch their seventh consecutive division crown.

Four Takeaways From the Chiefs 30-24 Win Over the Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs came into their Week 15 game against the Houston Texans favored by two touchdowns, but Andy Reid's team didn't get that memo early on. After three quarters, it was the home team up by a score of 21-16 with plenty of momentum on their side.

KC Chiefs play with fire but win 7th consecutive division title

Teams that aspire to win the Super Bowl should be playing their best football when the month of December starts. Such has not been the case for the Kansas City Chiefs. In a game where they found a way to win against the Houston Texans and secure their seventh-straight division title, there's not much to hang your hat on concerning their performance.

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The Chiefs get out of Houston with their 11th win of the season, and are once again crowned AFC West Champions. KC once again proves they aren't capable of playing someone else's game, so to speak. There's issues that need to be brought to attention.

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