Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Invests MILLIONS In Pickleball

NOBODY is that rich . . . Not even Elon Musk can afford to throw away cash on a hipster pastime. 

We'd like to hear arguments from broke-ass armchair quarterbacks about how this is a great deal. 

Just to future proof this post . . . This one might be good to file when the guy is broken down at 35 and starts doing local car dealership adverts.

Not jelly at all . . .

Would actually hope this presser is just exaggerated and he's not throwing away his cash on this kind of highly questionable and seemingly risky sporting gambit that's really just an excuse to drink beer:

The investment will likely cost Mahomes between $1 million and $3 million based on the pickleball league's expansion fee in similar deals.

Forbes reports Mahomes is expected to be part of an ownership group that will invest in a team that will be based in Miami, Florida. The team is expected to begin playing in 2023.

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Report: Patrick Mahomes to invest in Major League Pickleball team

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is already building a successful career off the football field with ownership stakes in the Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC . Now he will add another professional sports team to his portfolio.