Kansas City Chiefs Confront 'Must Win' Today

It would be a season ending loss if Chiefs don't come through . . . However, this game is more important than most.

Here's why . . .

While last year’s losses were embarrassing and painful, this year the stakes are even higher. The Chiefs hold just a single-game lead for the AFC #1 seed. A win over the Bengals would allow them to keep pace, and set up a much easier schedule for the rest of the season.

A loss would, at minimum, would take the #1 seed (and its coveted bye week) out of their control. It would essentially allow both the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins a chance to duke it out. And since the Bills already hold the tiebreaker against KC, the margin for error is even slimmer.

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Why the Chiefs can't afford to lose to the Bengals

It's time for the Kansas City Chiefs to exorcise some demons. And if there is one person who can exorcise those demons, it's Patrick Mahomes. From his first playoff win against the Indianapolis Colts to the Chiefs' second Super Bowl win after three straight come-from-behind playoff victories, Mahomes has been Kansas City's priest.